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Who we are

Family business

These characteristic little bungalows beside the sea, were an initiative of three brothers: “3F”, Francesco, Federico e Fabrizio, with the addition and crucial support of our parents who have always sustained and guided us: Dad Lino and Mum Giuseppina. For a long time, they had been a dream to our family, since the 3 of us, brothers, used to play in the same area where the houses are now. The desire and the wish to have them became stronger and stronger, until we were able to build the houses, thanks to the commitment and passion of our mother Giuseppina, who was able to follow the work step by step and once completed, decorate each house with attention and detail. And it was our mother Giuseppina who started the structure, taking care of it and welcoming the first customers who, with the passing of time, have become more and more, beyond our expectations. Thus was born the company Fratelli 3F, the union of us three brothers that with passion and commitment we share the tasks and alternate on the spot to make the stay of our customers an unforgettable holiday! Our accommodation is a family business. The pleasure in welcoming guests is also characterized by the passion we have in delivering everything, from the passion which we never lost throughout the period of construction and the attention to detail of the external and internal areas of the houses, to the importance of green areas, overall aesthetics and an attempt to give each house all the commodities necessary such that guests can feel at home.

Our bungalows on the beach

Our bungalows on the beach are in the same area where there used to be an old haystack, right there on the beach, were previously transformed into touristic houses by our grandparents Francesco and Caterina in the ‘80s. During the years these small bungalows have evolved and have now become a magnificent success. Behind these first bungalows rebuilt in the year 2000 and right on the beach, the “Trilocali Deluxe” were added in 2011, 50 metres from the beach, immersed in a huge green area, well equipped and with two large bedrooms. In 2012, new apartments were built 60 metres from the sea, with different sizes, able to satisfy diverse needs. All the apartments have been built in respect of the law and with high quality materials. The external walls of the new buildings consist of a thermic layer with the job of isolating the inside of the house from the outside to make it liveable in the winter as much as in the summer.  In order to reduce electricity wastage and in respect of the environment, we have installed solar panels to heat water and a photovoltaic system.

What do we offer

In the residential area of Capo Vaticano, only a few minutes from Tropea, is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Calabria, our houses are immersed in a huge green garden, well equipped and looked after, amongst plants and flowers with footpaths covered by olive, oleander and pittosporum trees.

It almost feels like living in the countryside, although only a few steps away, crossing an amazing white beach, there is the sea. You can enjoy an unforgettable holiday, maybe gathering around a barbecue with new people and friends or simply listening to music or reading a book comfortably beside the sea, drinking something cold; choose if you want to relax and lie down on the white beach, swim or do water activities in a crystal clear sea.

In the surrounding areas, only a few minutes’ distance away, you can reach well known touristic locations, it’s easy to appreciate and attend events, festivals and feasts, enjoy typical local products and beautiful natural resources, which we are able to recommend.

We offer a weekly rent, Saturday-Saturday in the hottest times of the year, which for the area of Capo Vaticano is from April to October. Every month and every time of the year offers different and diversely amazing opportunities: the peace, the silence and the majestic poetry of the environment both in spring and autumn; the lively warmth and the fresh sea breezes on sunny summer days; absolute relax and freshness typical of June and September.

You just have to choose when…