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Festivals en Evenementen

Patronal festivals and fairs

2 July:               “Madonna delle Grazie” –  S.Nicolò

17-18 August:      Festa dell’EMIGRANTE – Limbadi

18 August:           Festa dell’EMIGRANTE – Gerocarne

26 September:   Festa patronale dei Ss Cosma e Damiano con concerto conclusivo di un grande artista della musica italiana – Brattirò

Cultural Events

September:               “Tropea blues festival” –  Tropea

3 August:       Sagra del PESCE – Parghelia

4 August:        Sagra DU PRUPPU (polpo) – Joppolo

5 August:         Sagra dei TAGGHJARINI (pasta) –  Caroni

6 August:        Sagra della SURJACA (fagioli) – Caria

8 August :       Sagra della ‘NDUJA – Spilinga

9 August :       Sagra del TARTUFO DI PIZZO  (gelato) – Pizzo 

10 August:      Sagra del VINO – Brattirò

13 August:      Sagra della CIPOLLA – Ricadi

14 August:      Sagra della PATATA – Pernocari

17 August:      Sagra del POLLO – Paravati

17 August:      Sagra del GELATO – Zambrone

17 August:      Sagra della PATATA – Zungri

17 August:      Sagra PAESANA – San Gregorio

18 August:      Sagra PAESANA DEI PROD. TIPICI – Zungri

18 August:      Sagra della TRIPPA – Mileto

18 August:      Sagra delle ZEPPOLE – Parghelia

18 August :     Sagra FORMAGGIO PECORINO –  Monte Poro

20 August:      Sagra dei SAPORI – Vazzano

20 August:      Sagra del DOLCE – Gasponi

20 August:      Sagra dei PIPI e PATATI – Vazzano

20 August:      Sagra del PORCO – Monte Poro

21 August:      Sagra del PANE e PRODOT. TIPICI – Stefanaconi.

21/22 August: Sagra dell’OLIO – Francica

10 September: Sagra del MAIALE – Presinaci di Rombiolo *

16 September: Sagra delle SALSICCE – Maierato. *

23 September: Sagra della PATATA– POLIA *




The food culture is another highlight of the territory and it is as simple and authentic as the whole Calabrian cuisine. In the town of Tropea, the specialty that holds the record for its authenticity and delicacy is “pasta ca Siccia”, a special kind of pasta made pitch black with squid ink contained in the bag or gland of the fish. Another typical dish is “pitta china”, fried small fishes locally called “cicinnea” or “russulia.” Delicious are also the fried combfish and suruci, which are generally fished in September in the area from Tropea up to Capo Vaticano. There is also ‘”ogghiata”, a sauce made out of a mixture of garlic and dried peppers. Tourists show a strong preference for “fileja”, a homemade pasta, made with a simple mixture of water and flour and rolled around the “dinaculu”, a bamboo stick to give it a curved shape. Besides, the good chili and the tasty and strong “zibibbo”, the sweet wine made from local grapes, shouldn’t be forgotten.
It is commonly known that Tropea is internationally renowned for the production of the best quality onion in the world (Tropea Red Onion).
The Serre Vibonesi (the hinterland mountains) offer a wide rage of mushrooms of excellent quality and taste, such as porcini mushrooms and rositi mushrooms. The region is also famous for its local vegetables and typical sausages and cheese, such as the well-known Poro cheese.
Among the cuisine highlights a special mention goes to the ‘nduja of Spilinga. ‘Nduja comes from French andouille and means sausage. However, only the appearance, not the ingredients and flavour remind of a typical Italian sausage. The ‘nduja produced in Spilinga has achieved a high quality level and it is made out of pork meat and small pieces of fat flavoured with chilli.
In the surrounding villages and towns, popular festivals are always going on, so you can taste the typical products, food and wine and closely observe the ‘habits and customs’ of a land where traditions are still essential.

Another typical product of the area and not to be missed is the typical local bean: the Surjaca of Caria, a type of bean tasty and consistent. Famous is its combination with mussels pasta dishes delicious.

For dessert is a must in the summer tables formidable and tasty ice cream: the Tartufo. It’s a product that is typical of the Calabrian pastries. It is a hazelnut ice cream that is modeled strictly in the palm of the hand, in the form of a hemisphere with a heart of melted dark chocolate and covered with a dusting of cocoa powder and sugar.

In the coast of the Gods, the specialty that holds the record for its authenticity and delicacy is “a pasta ca a siccia”: preparation of black sauce made from squid, with the liquid contained in the bag or gland of the fish. Another dish is “Pitta china”: a fried baby Sardinian ninnata or locally called “cicinnea” also called “russulina”. Delicious, also fries the fish prized surici and comb, from very tasty meat that are fished mainly in September in the stretch of sea that goes from Tropea to Capo Vaticano. Another delicacy is the ” ogghiata “: a sauce made from a mixture of garlic and dried peppers. Tourists show a particular preference for “fileja”: a homemade pasta, made with a simple mixture of flour and water and wrapped around the “dinaculu” or bamboo stick to give it a curved shape. Do not forget the good chili and wine tasty and strong from the hills, over the raisins (sweet wine and fragrant).

A prominent place in the tables of Calabria is definitely occupied by specialty cheeses and sausages that are truly unique. Renowned is the cheese of the Poro and provolone Spilinga; of exquisite taste and are cured meats including examples are the capicollo, u sotizzu (sausage flavorful sweet or spicy) and the famous brawn.

Countless, finally, are the products of the earth, the fresh vegetables from the garden and the many natural products, produced locally by the care and dedication of farmers. Serre Vibonesi come from various species of mushrooms: the porcini mushroom rositi.